B2B Consult

Mr. Schulz founded B2B-Consult in April 2000. He brings more than two decades of management experience to B2B-Consult.

He is the former Managing Director of ALCATEL`s German Special Cables activity and was the President and CEO of ELMEG Communications Technology, a medium sized telecommunications products supplier to the Deutsche Telecom.

Mr. Schulz began his career at ITT in Germany, holding various management positions. As the director of Sales and Marketing for digital mobile communication systems he was responsible for the first GSM - bids by the ECR900 consortium formed by Nokia and ALCATEL to the European Telecom operators.

He gained a PhD degree in physics from Hanover University, where he developed advanced laser systems.

For the past several years he has paid special attention to innovative technologies for the optimisation of processes in and between enterprises. By combining management experience within medium sized and international companies with thorough know-how about the technologies for the next generation Internet he creates lasting value for his clients.

Mr. Schulz is consulting both dot-coms and established companies in taking advantage of the new opportunities that the next generation Internet brings.