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Software for the next Internet generation for business-to-business applications.

P2P-TOOLS software modules enable flexible Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network structures to be built up for a wide range of innovative software solutions.

Possible fields of application are:

  • Ad-hoc e-collaborations through flexible formations of working groups with Instant Messaging/Chat functionalities (screensharing, VoIP, videoconferencing, whiteboard, file sharing).
  • P2P e-commerce applications like the comparative "Edge" searches in real-time for products and services on the basis of the eCl@ss classification in distributed BMEcat-structured databases (the "Napster" for products and services).
  • Telematics applications such as teleservice and online maintenance for mobile and stationary users.
  • Use of the "Edge" memories and CPU capacities of companies (grid storage and computing).
  • XML-based company and process integration.
  • "Edge" Content Management in distributed XML-structures.

P2P-TOOLS systems technology

The P2P-TOOLS software modules are based on the Open Source P2P Software JXTA, on which several thousand developers are working around the globe. According to Forrester Research, JXTA is the platform with the best prospects for software applications for next Internet generation.

  • Open Source for maximum investment security (mod. Apache license).
  • Java technology (JVM) for software applications between stationary and mobile platforms of any size (sensors, mobile phones, PDAs, PCs, ...).
  • Highly scalable (no need for central nodes/servers).
  • End-to-end encryption, authentication, "Network of Trust" possible.
  • Ad-hoc network technology enables flexible, demand-driven applications.
  • The overlay network topology links users and processes from the widest variety of underlying physical networks.


Download: P2P-TOOLS e-Commerce Network for distributed electronic catalogues

Development partner: ambo consulting srl, Boer Consulting GbR